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Instructions for Niles Car Show Participants

Hot August Niles Car Show 2021 is just a day away and we can't be more excited to welcome you all to the much-anticipated event. There are close to 200 cars registered for the event, the most ever in last 20 years!!

Below are a few instructions for the participants to make this event smooth-sailing and enjoyable  for everyone

  • For the early birds who registered their cars early enough, you should have received your placards with the registration number in mail. If you haven't, worry not, you will be able to pick them up on the day of the event starting at 8 AM. Failure to obtain and display the placards will result in vehicle being towed away at owner's expense

  • Registration placards will be handed out at the parking lot across from J-Street near the parked train caboose. Please park your car in a parking space and then walk down to the registration booth to avoid traffic congestion near the registration booth.  

  • Vehicles can be parked in open spaces along Niles Blvd. or in one of the two parking lots.

  • Judging will take place along the Niles Blvd. as well as at Niles Flying A club and winners announced in the afternoon. 

  • There are several eateries, cafes and bars in Niles for the hungry and the thirsty. You can find a list of restaurants and bars in Niles here


  • Please follow masking policies as posted at all the establishments. All businesses in Niles are small, family-owned businesses and they would appreciate your co-operation and support in observing the county-mandated masking rules

  • Last but not the least, have fun, treat our volunteers with respect and courtesy,  and don't forget to say hi to Gary Mills, the man behind this great show!!

  • Post your beautiful pictures on social media using hashtag #hotaugustniles 


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