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Nathan (Nate) Frederick

Board Member


My wife Danielle and I moved to Niles in 2009 from my hometown of Santa Cruz. We were looking for a safe
place to live in the East Bay while I finished my degree at CSUEB and she started a special education teaching
career in Newark. We both loved the small town feel we experienced in Niles years before when we came to the
Essanay Cafe to celebrate a friend’s birthday. After renting for a year, we were excited to find a small home for sale
right down the street from our rental. 12 years later, we still live in our beloved little home on J street with an
amazing community of neighbors that are more like family than we ever could have imagined.
Professionally, I spent over a decade working various roles in the auto industry, eventually ending up at Tesla
where I stayed for nearly four years. Starting as an end-of-line repair technician, I worked my way into a series of
quality engineering positions in which I ultimately reported to directors as a technical project manager. In 2019, I left
Tesla to take a Quality Program Management position at Google where I plan to stay long-term.
With so much change over the past 13 years, my wife and I have been really grateful for the amazing community
of Niles that has always been a source of guidance and support. The friends and neighbors that we turned to for

career advice are a big part of the reason we have made it so far in such a short time.
In addition to my automotive career, I have always continued to pursue my passion as a drummer, working with
several successful bands and as a tech/performer with Narada Michael Walden on gigs all over the western states
and as far as Guam and Japan. Within Niles, I have found a great group of talented folks to play music with and
enjoy occasional gigs at the Mud Puddle, the Flying A, the Town Plaza, and a few neighborhood backyards.
As an active member of the Niles community, I am interested in joining the Main Street Board to provide a
different perspective and find new ways to contribute to this amazing town.

Nathan (Nate) Frederick